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Major events

Prince of Wales Cup

European Championships

Held at Pornic, France. Some days of beautiful rolling waves. One day on shore with huge breakers coming over the harbour wall. Incredible seafood buffet at the prizegiving, which was followed by the Crews' Union throwing raw eggs at errant helms. Video below (sadly no egg section). Note the tight grip on trapeze handle by the European Champion (and long-term holder of the Mummy's Boy trophy) at 1:54.

1st GBR 1500 Greenheart Douglas Pattison & Damian Ash Itchenor SC
2nd GBR 1503 WSI Andy & Tom Partington HISC
3rd GBR 1527 Mike Lennon & Mike Warren HISC
4th GER 222 Goldfinger Axel Reinsch & Joern Schulze
5th GBR 1495 Jungle Fever Charles Duchesne & Louise Hickey Itchenor SC
6th GBR 1523 Tartan Fraulein Rollo Pyper & Neale Jones Itchenor SC

New boats and developments

Other big stories

Crew's Union

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