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2012 [14 Class History]

Major events

Prince of Wales Cup

East Lothian Yacht Club, North Berwick, Scotland

1st 1517 “Poppet” Ben McGrane & James Hughes, Netley SC

2nd 1530 “Smash It” Robert Greenhalgh & Alain Sign, Stokes Bay SC

3rd 1544 “Pamela” Douglas Pattison & Mark Tait, Itchenor SC

4th 1520 “Roborowski” Katie Nurton & Alex Knight, Itchenor/Castle Cove

5th 1534 “Oceanair” Andy Fitzgerald & Jeremy Williamson, Itchenor SC

6th 1538 “Ranger” Dave Dobrijevic & Neale Jones, HISC

HIGHLIGHTS: long distance race around the Bass Rock, particularly trying to pull off a tack in churning sea to windward of the island, when failure would have meant being pecked to death on the rocks; the POW victory celebrations by Frank the Tank in North Berwick High Street

FULL REPORT: A small but elite band of 14 sailors travelled North of the Border to North Berwick for the Prince of Wales Cup week at East Lothian Yacht Club. The first day of scheduled racing saw 30+ knots consistently across the boat park, and racing abandoned for the day. Racing for the week got underway on day 2, with 2 races scheduled for the Lowestoft bowl. Ben McGrane and James Hughes won both races, followed closely behind in both races by Rob Greenhalgh and Alain Sign.

Tuesday morning dawned with the POW race scheduled. For the International 14's this is the one race National Championships, with all to play for. At the start, the fleet split with a group of 3 boats heading hard left for the shore, the rest of the fleet choosing the right hand side of the course. The boats that had gone the furthest left had made big gains, and it was Andy Fitzgerald/Jeremy Williamson who arrived at the windward mark first followed by Rob Greenhalgh/Alain Sign and Ben McGrane/James Hughes. Fitz/Williamson team extended their lead over the next couple of legs gaining a sizable lead. McGrane and Greenhalgh slowly chipped away at Fitz's lead, and eventually managed to overhaul the initial race leader, which lead to a nip and tuck battle between Greenhalgh and McGrane with McGrane/Hughes taking the lead in the closing stages of the race. Congratulations to Ben McGrane and James Hughes for becoming the 2012 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup Champions.

In spite of a big evening celebrating their win, it was business as usual for team McGrane/Frank the Tank the following day with another race win for the Hunstanton Plate. The second race of the day was won by Katie Nurton and Alex Knight and with it the Weymouth Town trophy.

Thursday's racing was a series of 3 shorter races for the Island Commemorative Trophy. Ben McGrane and James Hughes won all three races on the day, the final race of the day being a long distance race around the Bass Rock, which will be remembered by different people for different things, including dive bombing gannets, and acrobatics on the long run home.

Big Friday dawned for the final day of racing, and the fleet were greeted with 20knots on the race course, allowing the 14's to stretch their legs with some big breeze sailing. McGrane/Hughes won the first race. The breeze continued to increase through out the day, with the second race being a rollercoaster ride in breeze gusting over 25knots which was won by Dave Dobrijevic and Neale Jones.

European Championships

Lake Como, Italy, June 2013

38 International 14s with strong contingents from both the UK and Germany descended on the idyllic shores of Lake Como for some much needed summer weather. For the early arrivals sunshine and heat (>30degrees) were delivered in equal measures but this was accompanied by only a light and very patchy breeze. Undeterred some ventured out whilst others used the time for the the essential boat bimbling only interrupted by dips in the lake, paddle boarding or a cold beer in the marquee.

After another disappointing drift around on Tuesday for the infamous Adolfo Bastardo with the erm.. trophy… retained by Neale Pink Shorts Jones this year assisted by Dave DS Dobrijevic, Wednesday delivered spectacular conditions for the opening day with a brisk 16 knot southerly arriving right on schedule at 1pm. 3 champagne races, each of 3 laps including the obligatory '14 triangle' were held with victories shared between Sam Pascoe crewed by stand in crewing legend Toby Lewis, Roger Gilbert crewed by Adam Ironman Brushett and Andy and Tom Partington who became overnight leaders with a consistent 2,3,1 scoreline setting the scene for the rest of the week.

Thursday was business as usual with the superb racing breeze arriving just after launching. After Wednesday being all about the left shore, surprise leaders at the weather mark by a huge margin from the right hand side were Julian Pearson and Nick Martin. Despite being hunted all race by the chasing pack they held on to take a convincing and well deserved victory. With the right now determined as the way to go races 5 and 6 were the domain of the 'swing it down' boys with the Partingtons showing blistering upwind pace to take two consecutive bullets with Germans Georg Borkenstein crewed by Eike Giant Dietrich amassing 2 second places just ahead of a consistent and improving Glen Truswell and Chris Blackburn with Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash with a 3rd and 4th apiece.

3 more races were scheduled for Saturday and as before the breeze arrived just a little softer on schedule for more glamour racing. By this stage the Partingtons had a significant overall lead followed by a bunch of boats within a few points of each other all eager to up their game and hand it to the Partingtons. Andy and Tom had apparently neither read the script nor drunk enough coocktails at the 'English' night and fired in two quick bullets to pretty much sew up the regatta before posting an uncharacteristic seventh in the last race of the day allowing Roger and Adam to snatch another victory just ahead of Glen and Chris who along with the Germans jumped up the leader board with 3 podium results for the day.

Going into the final day with just a single long distance race scheduled the Partingtons had done enough to be sailing a victory lap whilst 2nd to 5th were nearly on equal points after discards kicked. The race consisted of a shifty tactical 5km beat up the shore, a monster 10km downwind blast and a final flukey 5km beat back to the start finish. At the start of the beat normal service was resumed with all the usual candidates in a tight tussle led by the Partingtons from Georg and Eike. As the fleet worked its way up the lake Roger and Adam and Sam and Toby made the best of the gusts and shifts to open out a convincing lead by the weather mark. The downwind will go down in legend, 10km of 'down to the knots' screaming downwind blastging dodging windsurfers, kitesurfers, cats and other skiffs on this busy weekend. Roger held on to take the bullet ahead of a fast closing Glen to snatch second place off him overall by just 1 point. Sam and Georg faded in the later stages of the race ending up 4th and 5th overall respectively.

1st GBR 1540 Andy & Tom Partington HISC
2nd GBR 1541 Selden Roger Gilbert & Adam Brushett HISC
3rd GBR 1543 Departure Glen Truswell & Chris Blackburn Weston SC
4th GER 28 Just in Time Georg Borkenstein & Eike Dietrich
5th GBR 1509 Monkey Business Sam Pascoe & Toby Lewis Castle Cove SC
6th GBR 1520 Roborowski Katie Nurton & Nigel Ash Itchenor SC

New boats and developments

Other big stories

Crews' Union

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